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7 ways to improve the Nativity ...

Posted by Jacqui Frost on 27/12/2012

The Nativity Story is one of the best known stories around the world. Whether you believe in the religious elements or not, every year we all get caught up in the rituals that have sprung out of the Christian Festival ...

a virtual assistant would have organised the nativity more efficiently

a virtual assistant would have organised the nativity more efficiently

Even a small child can probably tell you the major elements of the story. The Angel Gabriel startles Mary, then gives her the news that she is carrying God's child. Mary tells a disbelieving Joseph who is then visited by an Angel himself. And this is the first point in the story where they needed a PA.

When announcing astonishing news it is always best to get the relevant parties together and pass on the details all in one go, at a pre-arranged meeting. This would have saved Gabriel the time and energy spent on two visits to earth and Mary the heartache caused by the disbelief of her intended!!

The census meant that Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem. It was a long journey which Mary undertook by Donkey. Imagine her dismay when she arrived, heavily pregnant, to find that there was no comfy mattress on which to rest her weary bones. Instead she found herself sharing with the animals in the outhouse, where she later gave birth.

Obviously a good PA plans all elements of any business trip. From the transport to the accommodation, all booked in advance ensuring things are not left to the last minute; which, let's face it, can result in the worst possible experience. Not to mention the fact that the PA would have included information about local midwives and hospitals in the itinerary, sparing Mary the indignity!

Once the baby was born the news was announced to nearby shepherds by the Heavenly Host. They then abandoned their sheep that evening to arrive at the stable and pass on their blessings. Three Wise Men travel from the East and, with no specific directions, ended up visiting Herod.

Now obviously a cleverly worded announcement in the relevant publications is the preferred way to handle things, along with the necessary social media status updates. And with a good PA/Receptionist handling all calls; visitors could be advised of the most suitable times to visit (or even appointments booked to avoid overcrowding) and given both an address and directions!!

Herod, of course, has completely the wrong idea and thinks that the child will challenge his power base. He arranges for the Wise Men to let him know where they find the baby so he can send in his Kill Squad. And the family have to flee to Egypt to escape.

With the detour to Herod's palace avoided, by providing the correct address and directions, Mary and Joseph could avoid the inconvenience of moving the whole family beyond Herod's reach. And should the Baby Jesus have attracted undue attention, then a PA could help with the hiring of a bodyguard and a PR Specialist.

So what projects/trips are you planning for next year? Will they run smoothly, no stone unturned, no detail forgotten? If you are looking for someone to pay attention to the details, perhaps its time to consider a PA? Whatever you are planning, I hope it will be a magical experience. If it's not looking that way, perhaps a Genie would help!

Be magical ...


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