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9 Tips For A Silky Smooth Move

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Posted by Jacqui Frost on 25/04/2013

The move from Genie Towers to Genie Heights felt for a while like The Tale of Two Cities. When you do what we do making sure the Telephone Answering Service remains seamless for clients just adds to the pressure ...

if everyone knows their role on the day then the move will run smoothly

if everyone knows their role on the day then the move will run smoothly

However, with a lot of prior planning and a great team to help us, we came through it unscathed and I'm pleased to report that everything is back to normal and all the Genies have settled in nicely.

So what are our top tips for moving office?

  1. Where possible keep the changes to a minimum. If you have a registered office address try not to change it. Keep your phone number if you can; there are options that can help with this if you are moving exchange.

  2. Keep your clients informed ahead of time and reassure them that plans are in place so there is no disruption to your service.

  3. In the last few months before the move keep a note of the people who correspond with you by post. Then get a checklist of who you should send a change of address list i.e. HMRC, Suppliers, Bank, Insurance, Credit Card Company, Data Protection Agency and Companies House. Before your change of address letters are sent out you should consider having your post forwarded or arranging with the new occupants of your old office to collate your post for you to collect once a week.

  4. Where possible get your new phone line, fax and broadband working before you move. I would also recommend using a Telephone Answering service whilst you move. This is easily done with call tracking numbers and you can talk to your supplier about putting a divert in place at the exchange until the number has ported to your new line. This will save you worrying about which building your phone will be ringing in!

  5. Lists! I am a great advocate of lists and where possible keep them on a time line on a whiteboard. That way with just a quick glance you or anyone else can see where you are up to and what is the next step.

  6. Keep your team informed and involved in the process. Get them to clean, clear and pack their desks up. Give them the responsibility of labelling their own equipment so there is less opportunity for a mix up in transit. Make sure that everyone on the day knows what they are moving and where it goes, put plans up on the wall if necessary. If there are enough of you, task one person with overseeing the emptying of the old office and making sure the right things move and another with installing the kit at the new offices.

  7. Clean the new office before anything goes in and clean equipment and furniture as it leaves the old office. Only move working equipment and necessary paperwork; if you have paperwork going back 20 years not all of this will need to be kept. Then you should have a bright and shiny office when you are done!

  8. Have spare keys made so that each team involved in the move can get access quickly and easily without waiting around for someone with a key to let them in.

  9. Good planning in advance will make the day itself less stressful and if you keep everyone informed of the plan you should be able to have some real fun. DON'T FORGET to feed the workers and keep them supplied with Tea and Coffee. We'd recommend moving the kettle, milk, tea, coffee, sugar and spoon with the first load!

Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Take time to survey your realm before the team settle in to start work and the place begins to look used!

As Virtual Assistants we can help you to project manage your move, researching properties at the beginning through to providing you with checklists for the day itself. We can also help you with sending letters to customers and suppliers advising them of the plans and then the subsequent change of address; not to mention handle your phone calls whilst you do the move itself!

If you're planning a move then it may be a great idea to call us on +44 (0) 845 901 1803 or click here to ping over an email and you can benefit from our recent office move experience.

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