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A Seamless Invisible Service

The Emperor's New Clothes ...

Posted by Jacqui Frost on 31/01/2013

In these days of the Customer Experience, everything about your company is important. It's no longer just about providing a great product or delivering a service on time. A seamless transition from enquiry to sales to delivery is a crucial part of distinguishing yourself from the competition ...

just like the emperor's new clothes, our service is seamless and invisible

just like the emperor's new clothes, our service is seamless and invisible

For most of us, providing a high level of service without help is nigh on impossible. How can you keep the standards high if you are running around juggling all the balls, spinning all the plates? That is where The Office Genie comes in. For many of our clients we will take the initial enquiries freeing up their time to focus on the sales and delivery. For others we help them with their admin, emails and marketing.

We pride ourselves on being an invisible service. We answer the telephone in your company name and will take messages as if we are part of your company. The aim is that your customers should never suspect that you do not have a small group of lovely ladies working in your office! It is one of the reasons we ask for information about each of our clients, so that we know the answers to the basic questions and can sound like part of your team.

Where we provide admin or secretarial support we will introduce ourselves as your PA whenever we call or email on your behalf. This allows us to action things for you rather than just providing you with an extensive to do list and therefore saves you time. We can do most things that a traditional onsite PA would do; with the exception of bringing you coffee and biscuits and the hard copy paper filing!

For the most part we go unnoticed by your clients and suppliers, though you should feel free to tell them who we are when they comment on the brilliant service that they have received! We're just like the Emperor's New Clothes - only those in the know, or those that use a similar service will see us, to the rest we remain invisible.

For the record, we have helped our clients with the following in the last month:

So if you are looking for some invisible help, that slots in seamlessly as part of your team, then you may feel that it would be a great idea to call me now on +44 (0) 845 901 1803, or click here to ping over an email, to see how we can help you find the time to be the best!

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