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Jenny Eaton

Andy Murray, Marion Bartoli And Batman

The WILL to succeed ...

Posted on: 11/07/2013   By: Jenny Eaton

There have been blogs galore this week comparing Andy Murray's Wimbledon win with whatever situations people can find. I saw the first one on Monday lunchtime (and I confess I am writing this one Monday afternoon!) The story of both Wimbledon Singles Champions this weekend will be ones for the motivational speakers ...

Do you have the will to succeed and achieve your goals?

Do you have the will to succeed and achieve your goals?

Our topic for the month is Superheroes - so do I ignore the Wimbledon thing as being covered by so many others or attempt to segue tennis into the Superhero blog? Not really sure just yet - but here are my musings anyway. I am going to focus on Andy, but let's not forget that Marion Bartoli had played in 47 Grand Slams before winning one this weekend.

I'm a bit of a tennis fan I have to admit and wildly envious of anyone who secured tickets to Centre Court this weekend. I am not however an expert - it seemed to me there was very little between Murray and Djokovic. Both desperate to win, hitting the ball hard and flying across the court making the other work hard for each point. Gone it seems are the days when a massive serve could win you the game, it seemed yesterday that there was no special shot that Andy could pull out that would guarantee him the win. His dogged determination though did in the end see him through.

It's great that the whole country got behind him and some people would love to have his success - but would they? To be the top of your field it needs to consume your life: eating, drinking, sleeping, working on fitness, practicing serves, practicing shots, thinking strategy, watching opponents games to find weaknesses and to learn new tactics; and then there is the matter of playing the matches and winning them to get to the Tournament Finals and, hopefully, rank as number 1.

Running your business is no different. There is an awful lot of work that goes on behind the scenes but people tend to only notice you when you are successful. I remember having a conversation with my father-in-law about my parents, both of whom are self-employed. He asked me how they were and I said they were tired and stressed. He said he couldn't understand why when they were in charge of their own destiny - "it seems to me if they run their own business they write their own pay cheques - what's to worry about?" The public success rarely shows the full extent of the hard work behind it.

Whether you want to be successful in business, sports or life I think you need to emulate Batman (Yes, apparently I can slip the Superhero theme in here!) He is the one superhero who doesn't have special powers. He is driven by his experiences as a child, moulded by the education and training he has put himself through and brings all his skills and resources to bear on his foes through his 'indomitable will'.

Here in the real world none of us have superpowers, we simply bring to bear all those life experiences, our education, on the job training and every resource that we have access to in order to be the best we can possibly be.

For some, the best that they can be will see them catapulted to the top of their fields and brought to the attention of the world at large. Others might remain hidden in obscurity. Success is not ranked by media coverage though, but by achieving your goals. Those with clearly defined goals, the drive and a strategy to reach those goals are those who will succeed.

The difference between those who are mega successful and those who are struggling through life is often not their dream/goal but the determination and focus - the WILL to achieve those goals. You have to really want it, especially when you need to get up in the dark and work hard whilst everyone else is asleep!

So if you have big dreams hold firm to them, plot out the strategy to get there and then WILL it to happen. It may take some time, but if Marion Bartoli or Andy Murray had given up or doubted their abilities they would never have held up their trophies this weekend.

What is your Wimbledon and what will it take to achieve it?

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