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Julia Doherty

Anyone For Ping Pong?

Why Twitter is like Table Tennis ...

Posted on: 02/07/2012   By: Julia Doherty

As the Olympics gets nearer and nearer I think back to the days when I was quite sporty (yes, it was a long time ago!). My father was a policeman, and although we didn't have lots in common, we both had a passion for ping pong, or better known outside of Daventry as table tennis ...

to be good at ping pong - or twitter - takes a lot of practice

to be good at ping pong - or twitter - takes a lot of practice

Yes, I was actually pretty good at it! Not only did I play for the police and at county level, I also won a FREE holiday to Pontins by winning a table tennis competition. Living the dream hey?

Nowadays, I play ping pong on Twitter. "What on earth has Twitter got to do with table tennis?" I hear you ask. Well, Twitter is a game that is fast paced, and if you are not keeping your eye on the ball then you will miss out on the important conversations.

Green Umbrella has recently won a contract for a major international retailer, which is fantastic for our business. How did we hear of this? By setting up a search on Twitter for "social media tender". We submitted a tender and after a few presentations we secured the deal.

So many people think that Twitter is just talking about what you had for breakfast, but it is so much more than that. If you use the platform to your advantage, play the game, enjoy the ping pong conversation with your fellow Twitterers and start to engage then you can do the same.

In my younger days, I did not become a table tennis superstar overnight. My dad and I would practice for hours and hours, trying out new bats, serving techniques, new spins, smashes and taking risky shots, but the practice was worth it in the end. I won a holiday to Pontins remember!

So, if you have tried Twitter and it didn't work for you, then perhaps you need to rethink your strategy, and practice some new techniques?

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Julia Doherty ran a successful recruitment agency for many years. Business was good but it was when she started to use social media that the business took off to the extent that she was able to sell her agency to a major national chain.

Julia now runs Green Umbrella, using her experience to teach others how to maximise social media to enhance their business.


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