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Judith Morris

Artistic metaphors about clutter

Observations on Mr Ripley and Mr Gray ...

Posted on: 18/07/2011   By: Judith Morris

I absolutely love the film, 'The Talented Mr Ripley'. It was a rare treat, a film that my husband and I could enjoy together with neither of us being bored or confused. I always think that the test of a good book or film is that for days after you're left thinking about the content and the implications ...

fiction can present you with some excellent metaphors for real life

fiction can present you with some excellent metaphors for real life

I realised a while ago that in fact 'The Talented Mr Ripley' shares a common theme with one of my favourite novels, 'A Picture of Dorian Gray'. For me that theme appears to be a sense that when a person has a darker side to their character, committing crime or generally behaving badly, these acts become something of a burden to that individual. Mr Ripley admits to storing such facts in 'the cellar' of his mind, thus enabling him to live life in a carefree manner.

Dorian Gray of course carries on oblivious as his portrait takes on all the characteristics of his cruel behaviour. Mr Ripley is tormented by nightmares, proving that his 'cellar' could not entirely contain the full implications of his wrong doing.

This in turn prompted me to think not of wrong doing, but the implications of a cluttered mind generally. So many of my de-clutter clients have lived with homes or offices full of clutter for years, in the belief that apart from being untidy there are no other implications. When they suffer lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm, general tiredness, apathy, low mood, or depression they fail to make the connection back to their environment. I've worked with people like this and seen them change before my very eyes as the clutter that holds them back is cleared and sorted.

So you see, it doesn't matter if your clutter really is in the cellar, or if it's in your 'mental cellar', your brain still knows it's there. It takes up valuable space in your head and consumes equally valuable energy.

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I am by nature a tidy and well ordered person. Even as a child I can remember sorting my book collection into order and helping my father label his photographic slides! I am fortunate that my husband shares my enthusiasm for a well ordered home. We're not perfect by any means but we make sure that we de-clutter on a regular basis.

My employment background is in administration. I became self-employed in 2002 providing flexible admin support for small businesses in Northamptonshire. Since then I have enjoyed helping clients to become more organised and gain control of their paperwork. Organised Chaos came into being when I realised I could use my organisational skills to help people de-clutter at home.

My approach to clearing out junk is methodical and positive. I offer lots of support and encouragement throughout the whole process. Some clients become enthusiastic de-clutterers themselves and continue the process on their own. I think this is a wonderful achievement for them personally and it gives me a great sense of job satisfaction.


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