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Being A Genie Is Like Being A Heptathlete

We tell you what makes a good VA ...

Posted by Jacqui Frost on 25/06/2012

You might think it obvious why our Genies are like Heptathletes. After all we have many different clients and many different services that we offer. But being a good Virtual Assistant isn't simply about how many customers you look after, nor is it about the number of services you offer ...

Heptathletes have to be quick, powerful and strong

Heptathletes have to be quick, powerful and strong

Being a VA is a bit like being a juggler because you have a variety of customers who all have different needs and still require your focus. But being a really good VA is much more like being professional heptathlete. It's not just about managing the techniques involved in each discipline, nor about the time devoted to each; to be the best takes excelling in each and everyone and pushing yourself to be the best you can be. Heptathletes have to be quick, powerful, strong and are tested in a variety of throwing, running and jumping events. But to be champion of the field they need to be good at them all, if an athlete has a weakness in one event then they know their overall score will be affected.

Being a good virtual assistant is about providing small and medium sized businesses with good all round PA, secretarial and administrative support. Our 7 disciplines would be:-

  • Typing - Audio Transcription and Copy

  • Correspondence - Replying to your emails and letters

  • Administration - Managing your diary and organising travel

  • Call Handling - taking messages and forwarding calls

  • Events - organising and managing attendance lists

  • Marketing Help - updating your database and sending personalised mailings

  • Sales Ledger - Raising Invoices and Credit control

But just like an athlete, knowing the basics and being able to perform them is different to working on them each day and doing them well enough to beat your competitors. A Virtual Assistant has other VA firms to compete with as well as employed members of staff. So in order to compete well we need to complete these tasks as well as an in-house specialist would -and we have to do it everyday, we're not building up to be on form for a specific event like the Olympics.

Here at The Office Genie we work slightly differently to other VA firms. We have a team of in-house Receptionists/Pas each with their own specialism. This means we are able to put our best Genie to a task to ensure that our customers get the best possible service, rather than simply offering the service from a single all rounder.

We offer a truly bespoke service designed to meet your needs. If you would like to know more ping us an email or call us on +44 (0) 845 901 1803.

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