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Julia Doherty

Belling The Cat

How to monitor your competitors ...

Posted on: 20/08/2012   By: Julia Doherty

With the wealth of social media platforms out there, companies are beginning to develop social media strategies and policies. These tend to cover brand building, engaging customers and making sure all representatives are presenting a united, non-embarrassing image of the company ...

whether human or feline, keeping track of the competition makes a lot of sense

whether human or feline, keeping track of the competition makes a lot of sense

However, social media can do so much more. It can be the bell round the neck of your competitors. You can friend, follow and like your competitors' profiles and pages. You can see what they are talking about and who to and get involved in the conversation.

More than that, you can monitor your market place; by regularly running searches on key terms, you can see what customers and prospects are saying about both your company and your competitors. I know of a firm who were following the conversations about their competition on twitter and when things did not turn out well were able to secure an appointment to pitch their services.

Knowing why customers like and recommend a particular company can help you develop your USP (unique selling point). If you understand why customers find a company or their service disappointing, then you can make more successful pitches in the future.

But as ever the key to making it really work is getting in there, join the conversations about your product or service and start to talk to the end users. Social media is a great way to conduct market research with you talking to the end user, asking your questions and getting some real answers from real people.

Check out the video link above to hear the story of Belling the Cat. Aesop's moral is that "It's easy to propose impossible remedies". You'll have to listen carefully to hear The Office Genie's moral for business. To learn more about Green Umbrella and using Social Media effectively for your business call Julia on +44 (0) 1604 726758.

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Julia Doherty ran a successful recruitment agency for many years. Business was good but it was when she started to use social media that the business took off to the extent that she was able to sell her agency to a major national chain.

Julia now runs Green Umbrella, using her experience to teach others how to maximise social media to enhance their business.


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