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Jon Baker

Can Spiderman Help Your Business Development

What spider-powers would you need?

Posted on: 08/07/2013   By: Jon Baker

Business Development worries more owners and entrepreneurs than anything else. Despite this, not getting enough business is the thing that most people suffer from. This article has 5 business development tips from superhero Peter Parker ...

how could spidy-powers help your business development?

how could spidy-powers help your business development?

Peter Parker, the ordinary almost weedy, boy who became Spiderman with superpowers. Despite this, he sometimes persuades himself that he no longer has them and falls off the odd building. This happens mostly when he's upset about MJ (Mary Jane Watson), the love of his life!

My favourite Spiderman abilities would have to be:

  • Create vast webs and ensnare enemies in them,

  • Create webs and quickly swing through New York's streets,

  • Have great strength,

  • Climb up vertical walls.

What are yours? How could these help you when you're off thinking about business development?

  • Wrap people in webs?

    Maybe the ability to ensnare your prospects so they couldn't escape and had to listen to your pitch? Hmm, that doesn't seem fair! Would you need it if your pitch was more interesting? Isn't it your responsibility to hook the other person's interest? What can you say in 15 seconds that will help them listen for longer? Create a professional headline that makes people say "that's interesting, tell me more" - and if they're not interested try listening to them instead. Before you protest, listen to yourself or ask others and check!

  • Create webs and quickly swing through the streets?

    Would it be great to shoot around town faster than ever, selling to everybody? Well, tough, you can't! But you could try being superhero in your own smaller market niche. Being the specialist in a smaller field will make others come to find you.

  • Great strength?

    Do you need this to withstand the onslaught of all the admin and develop your business? Instead, how about dividing your week into Time Boxes? 3 simple ones, marketing, paid work and admin. I bet you spend more time on admin than you think! Ensure your admin 'box' doesn't exceed the time you set and your marketing box always uses at least the time you allocate it. If you don't do every bit of your admin, the world won't end. If you don't do enough marketing, your business will.

  • Climb up vertical walls?

    How great would it feel to go from being a micro SME to dealing with the big boys? But wait! Isn't that what networking (well used) gives us? But remember, networking is not the same as networking events. The real power of professional networking comes from managing your network. Who is in your network and when did you last talk to them?

We can learn from Spiderman to improve our business development. If you want more ideas to improve your business, there's a resource library stuffed with ideas for you if you click here. You will need to give your email address in exchange for them - it's only fair!

One thing that really struck me was how, despite having his superpowers, he lost his abilities from time to time. He did that when he thought he couldn't achieve his goal (the lovely MJ).

Do you ever lose your mojo? Is it when you lose sight of your goal? A clear vision, knowing what you need to do to get there and looking at it regularly can really help. What is your objective? Is it specific enough, and how do you measure progress towards it?

Finally, I'm a normal bloke, not a superhero. So if you can introduce me to Spiderman I'll interview him and tell you some more of about his powers. Jon Baker, the 5-50 Coach at Venture-Now.

So, what spider powers would you like for your business?

Until next time ...


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After 25 successful years in blue chip companies, Jon left corporate life to focus on the needs of the small business community. Since 2006 he has trained and coached nearly a thousand professionals and business owners, from a wide range of firms.

Jon helps the professionals with 5 to 50 staff improve their performance and grow their firm sustainably and profitably whilst having fun.


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