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Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

How clean is your desk?

Posted by Jacqui Frost on 19/04/2012

With virtual working on the rise and hot desking becoming a normal part of working life, whether you work alone or for a large organisation, sharing your workspace is becoming more of a norm. But what does that mean for working practices?

how clean and tidy do you keep your workspace?

how clean and tidy do you keep your workspace?

Whilst not always considered to be hot desking, the virtual office solutions provided by some large firms are certainly attractive to small one man operations. A prestigious address for your correspondence and space to hold meetings with clients are certainly beneficial and if there is a desk involved in the package - albeit bookable in advance - then mobile working suddenly becomes more workable.

But hot desking isn't confined to those without an office of their own! In many firms these days hot desking is becoming more prevalent. With the rise in the number of part time workers there comes the added problem of where to sit them all. With costs on the rise, one of the solutions to space and cost issues is to hot desk. With staff on different shifts they can easily share one desk.

Traditional office working meant you had your workspace, which was your desk, your chair, your computer, your telephone, your desk drawer and your files. Changing your working habits is like any change - it takes some time to get used to but soon becomes the norm.

But if you are considering hot desking, or about to hot desk for the first time, perhaps these tips can help:-

  1. Always clean your work station - A recent survey suggested that the most annoying habits amongst colleagues included nose picking, biting nails and eating smelly food in the office. Now these are annoying enough when everyone has their own desk - but how much more annoying and unhealthy is it when you consider that three or four people might use a work station in the course of a week?
  2. Buy keyboard and phone cleaners - AF International reported some scary results. Almost 50% of employees eat at their desk on a daily basis. So you need to clean keyboards and phones regularly with anti bacterial and anti static cleaners to keep them hygienically clean. AF International reported that in some tests there were 60 times more germs on a phone than on a toilet seat.
  3. Organise yourself - one of the most annoying habits is coming to a desk that hasn't been cleared and having to tidy away someone else's work before you can even begin. Worse still is coming back to your station and finding someone has moved your stuff and you don't know where it is. So get to know the people you are hot desking with and work out a system so that a drawer or a file is marked as yours and you keep your stuff in it.
  4. Set up the desk for you - don't make the mistake of not adjusting the chair and the monitor, etc. for how you work. You can do serious damage to your back and your eyesight if you are not working at a desk set up for you. It may take time but it is worth doing for your own health.

By looking after yourself and your desk, you can look after your colleagues too. Keeping your work stations hygienically clean, you can stop the spread of viruses through the office which can reduce sickness.

If however you still find yourself one or two members of staff down due to sickness don't forget we can answer your calls for you! Why not call us on +44 (0) 845 901 1803 to learn more about out temporary cover?

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