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Do You Have A Wonder Woman In Your Business?

Or you could hire a Genie instead ...

Posted by Jacqui Frost on 25/07/2013

Wonder Woman is seen as a feminist icon. Mostly, this is because one of the things she fights for is sexual equality. Mind you, if I was not only as beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena and swift as Hermes, but was also Strong as Hercules - I would be reminding everyone I could compete with the men too!

When you are in a customer service role, it is important to show compassion indiscriminately just like Wonder Woman.

When you are in a customer service role, it is important to show compassion indiscriminately just like Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman's stance on sexual equality was only one part of her character; she also fought for justice, love and peace. In many ways, these other things don't make her stand out from the crowd. In fact, when it comes to superheroes, standing for justice and peace is not different at all. But how many other superheroes do you know stand for sexual equality? I have to confess, when I think of superheroes, it's mostly them sweeping the damsel in distress off her feet and flying her into the sunset!

How does Wonder Woman relate to business or The Office Genie? Well, obviously, you'll have spotted the link above with finding your USP to make you stand out from the competition. But for me it goes much further than that.

I like to think of Wonder Woman as the Queen of Customer Service. You see her other qualities include compassion and love (she only used lethal and fatal actions when she was left with no alternative), she also had limited telepathy (anyone working with customers knows that you need some telepathy) and she had profound knowledge (without knowledge of your industry will you ever find success).

I consider each of our Genies to be a Wonder Woman. With every phone call they are required to:

  • Understand the customers' needs - in some cases the caller expects us to know why they are calling and know the full details of a conversation they had with a business owner yesterday.

  • Know the company the caller wants to speak to so we can direct the call appropriately.

  • Be caring and understanding of the situation the caller finds themselves in and show the caller that we want to help.

  • Be a superhero - arranging for the right person to call back and deal with the problem.

  • Be empathetic and soothe the upset/irate/frustrated caller.

When you are in a customer service role, it is important to show compassion indiscriminately just like Wonder Woman. It is about sharing the pain of the customer and then finding a resolution that works for both parties. Sometimes, that's not easy, especially for us Genies as we cannot always make the decisions needed to resolve everything.

So who is your Wonder Woman? Who do you have to take care of your customers and make sure they come out of any difficulties alive and still on your side? I think every business needs a Wonder Woman to look after their customers.

To find out how you can hire a Genie to be your Wonder Woman, call us now on +44 (0) 1604 529170 or click here to ping over an email and see just how our touch of magic can soothe your customers for you.

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