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Judith Morris

Do you need to organise some chaos?

It's time to de-clutter ...

Posted on: 12/07/2011   By: Judith Morris

Thanks to Jacqui I've been given the opportunity via The Office Genie blog, to talk to you about my business Organised Chaos. In the coming months you'll be hearing from me on the subject of getting organised. Hints, tips and observations designed to help you towards a calmer and more organised life both at work and at home ...

do you need help organising some chaos?

do you need help organising some chaos?

My passion for all things organised goes back to childhood when I would happily spend time arranging and rearranging my books into order. My father was a pharmacist and he was a great influence. I hold him responsible for my obsession with labelling everything!

Whilst I am organised, I'm certainly not perfect. Most people I talk to seem to have the idea that I live in some kind of haven where there is never a sheet of paper out of place. Well, I should be so lucky! I honestly believe that clutter is an inevitable aspect of modern living. The key factor is how you handle it, and that's where I can help my clients develop strategies to ensure they don't disappear under a heap of clutter.

My message is that if you work at being clutter free you'll soon realise that the benefits are not just a tidier office or home, your mind will be less muddled as well. If your memory's anything like mine that's got to be a bonus.

There have been a number of de-cluttering makeover type programmes on TV and they all rely on drama to make them interesting. This is fine for viewing figures, but doesn't do me any favours. I'm sure people expect to be traumatised after my visit - some people actually admit to being scared!

My aim in writing a blog and a regular newsletter is to demonstrate that I'm human like everyone else! I really get a great sense of satisfaction from sharing my organisational skills with others for their longterm benefit.

Take a look at my website for more information on how I work, and how I can help you, as well as an archive of my regular newsletter 'The Chaotic Times'.

Stay clutter free ...


More about Judith Morris ...


I am by nature a tidy and well ordered person. Even as a child I can remember sorting my book collection into order and helping my father label his photographic slides! I am fortunate that my husband shares my enthusiasm for a well ordered home. We're not perfect by any means but we make sure that we de-clutter on a regular basis.

My employment background is in administration. I became self-employed in 2002 providing flexible admin support for small businesses in Northamptonshire. Since then I have enjoyed helping clients to become more organised and gain control of their paperwork. Organised Chaos came into being when I realised I could use my organisational skills to help people de-clutter at home.

My approach to clearing out junk is methodical and positive. I offer lots of support and encouragement throughout the whole process. Some clients become enthusiastic de-clutterers themselves and continue the process on their own. I think this is a wonderful achievement for them personally and it gives me a great sense of job satisfaction.


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