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Posted by Jacqui Frost on 21/02/2013

We all know that each call counts. A good experience on the telephone will increase your conversion from first contact to customer so it is vital to get it right every single time. But do you know how to make each call count?

follow our top 10 tips for a good call experience and you won't leave your customers frustrated

follow our top 10 tips for a good call experience and you won't leave your customers frustrated

It seems funny that even though the telephone is threaded into the fabric of our lives, people still don't know how to use it correctly. I wonder how much business is lost because we're either distracted or just too busy to give a call our full attention?

Here are our top 10 tips:

  1. Use appropriate business language

    Research the sector/industry and build trust using similar phrases to those of your clients. If you understand their language/jargon and can use it appropriately, rapport and respect will be built much quicker.

  2. Allow them to set the speed

    If the caller is in a hurry then tell them you appreciate this and give them an estimate of how long it will take to answer their query. However, if the caller makes small talk, don't push them into telling you what they want, but allow them to chat first and move on when they feel comfortable.

  3. Answer the call between 2 and 6 rings

    Most callers would not be ready if you answered the call on the first ring, nor do they expect the call to be answered that quickly - it smacks of business being slow and that you are sat waiting for the call if you pounce too quickly.

  4. Let the caller hang up first

    Did you know that 30% of people are on the verge of hanging up when something occurs to them? If you hang up, you might miss a business opportunity or a vital piece of information.

  5. Sound lively, interested and efficient

    It is important that the overall impression of the call reflects you and your company. It is an opportunity to reflect your personality and make your business sound bright and bubbly, even if the industry is actually quite staid and boring!

  6. Have questions/topics on hand in case of the pause

    A 10 second pause can feel like an eternity for a caller, so it is an idea to have something on hand to talk about if the conversation dries up but the caller isn't ready to hang up.

  7. Never assume that the caller is like you

    It is always best to avoid comments on race, religion and probably sport as it might cause an issue if the caller holds a different view. It is not a good call experience if the caller feels wronged or insulted!

  8. Don't worry about good vocabulary

    It might seem I'm contradicting myself with this one. But what I mean is that a good call is conversational, not one which requires the caller to have a dictionary close at hand to understand lengthy, multi-syllabic words.

  9. Don't say "I don't know"

    If you don't know the answer, it is better to say that you will find out and get back to them, or that you need to just check that out. Although you are essentially saying that you don't know, you are promising them an answer which is a more positive response to their enquiry than "I don't know".

  10. Be an active listener

    There is nothing worse than not actually being sure you are still connected, or that the other person is following your logic. By saying "ok", "yes" and even "uh-huh" whilst they're talking, your caller will be reassured you are there.

If you would like to know how we can help you provide a great call experience for your clients beyond these 10 tips, then check out our website and give us a call!!

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