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Judith Morris

There are many reasons for clutter

So never say never ...

Posted on: 03/08/2011   By: Judith Morris

Since I first started my de-cluttering business 'Organised Chaos', I have always been on the lookout for different ways to promote myself. Meeting people face to face seems to work best. After all, if someone is considering inviting me into their home they need to feel comfortable with me as a person and there certainly has to be a great deal of trust ...

whatever your reasons for being cluttered, there is always a simple solution

whatever your reasons for being cluttered, there is always a simple solution

I regularly attend small business exhibitions which give me the opportunity to meet and talk to lots of people. What surprises me most though, is the number of people who approach my stand to tell me how organised they are! They seem to show an almost morbid fascination with my display of 'before and after' photos, tutting and shaking their heads. These people have absolutely no comprehension of how a person could find themselves in a badly cluttered environment. In their world, everything in the garden is rosy.

I can certainly empathise with clients whose lives have been turned upside down by stress at work, just as mine once was. Stress manifests itself in many ways, and it can indeed contribute to creating a cluttered environment. Stress and low self-esteem often go hand in hand, and if you don't care about yourself then you're hardly likely to care about the state of your home.

I suppose the point I'm making is that it's all too easy to be judgemental. We all do it. I've worked with all sorts of people, some are just generally untidy and it's got out of hand. Others have had life shattering events such as divorce, bereavement, chronic illness and depression. Who amongst us can say we will never be affected by these things? Can you begin to imagine how you might cope?

If you know someone who might benefit from help with de-cluttering, take a look at my website for further details of the Organised Chaos service.

Stay clutter free ...


More about Judith Morris ...


I am by nature a tidy and well ordered person. Even as a child I can remember sorting my book collection into order and helping my father label his photographic slides! I am fortunate that my husband shares my enthusiasm for a well ordered home. We're not perfect by any means but we make sure that we de-clutter on a regular basis.

My employment background is in administration. I became self-employed in 2002 providing flexible admin support for small businesses in Northamptonshire. Since then I have enjoyed helping clients to become more organised and gain control of their paperwork. Organised Chaos came into being when I realised I could use my organisational skills to help people de-clutter at home.

My approach to clearing out junk is methodical and positive. I offer lots of support and encouragement throughout the whole process. Some clients become enthusiastic de-clutterers themselves and continue the process on their own. I think this is a wonderful achievement for them personally and it gives me a great sense of job satisfaction.


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