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We are NOT an impersonal telephone answering service!

Posted by Jacqui Frost on 27/06/2013

There have been some comments on our blogs recently about how impersonal telephone answering services are and how some people would never contemplate using them. So I thought I would tackle some of these issues head on ...

ask our clients about our call handing service and they'll say "They're Grrrr-eat!"

ask our clients about our call handing service and they'll say "They're Grrrr-eat!"

With a simple message taking service, often from a larger call centre environment, then the impersonal responses and inability of the operator to answer the most basic questions can be irritating for any caller. As a small business owner who has invested a lot in making sure your customers have a great experience with your business, this is plainly unacceptable.

I totally agree - not knowing anything about the company whose telephone you are answering is not acceptable. The most important thing for any call centre, whether taking inbound calls or making outbound calls, is that you provide a great job on behalf of your client and leave your customers with a great lasting image of the company. One of the reason that large call centres have a rapid turnover of staff is to keep the energy level and enthusiasm for the job and their clients at a high level.

Here at The Office Genie we tailor a bespoke service for every one of our clients to give them what they need. Because we are a small team and we like to build on the intimate feel of each company, there is a basic level of information we hold for each client. We do not allow our customers to ask us to take messages for them without an understanding of the products/services they offer and an idea of the type of people who will be calling. We also like to know what type of calls they expect us to take and what response they wish us to give.

We tend to think of ourselves as "call handlers" rather than just "message takers". Our preference is to book appointments on behalf of our clients, where appropriate, as it is so much easier to do this whilst the caller is on the line making the enquiry. If you wait until you have time to return the call you might find it takes days to get that appointment booked in and they could have gone elsewhere in the meantime.

We can describe products and services on behalf of our clients - did you know, for example, that during an MOT, the engine will be run at high revs for the emissions test and this can put your cambelt under stress? Neither did I until we started working with our first Garage.

We can also give directions to your office. For one of our longstanding clients, most of our Genies can do this from memory without referring to the notes from at least two different directions. We try, where possible, to deal with the calls ourselves reducing the need for our client to return the call - therefore saving them time AND money.

I personally think that our Call Handling Service is fantastic. And I know that many of our clients would say that we are a bit like Frosties - "They're Grrrr-eat!" Here is one of our clients' thoughts in his own words:

"I had just about given up hope of finding a company to deal with our overflow of incoming calls. The companies I had used in the past were awful. One place couldn't even get our company name right! I wanted my clients to believe that whoever was on the end of the phone were actually sat in my offices. The Office Genie has given me just that, so much so that when my sister recently rang to speak to me, she thought we had taken on new staff!

The Office Genies are ever so helpful and really do feel like an extension of the Bristol Bifold team. They are much more than just a call answering service. I would happily recommend them to anyone thinking of using a service like this."

Simon had been referred to us by one of his suppliers after he had encountered us when ringing her office. We are working closely with him on a number of projects at the moment. Some large call centres are impersonal and inflexible, as Simon has experienced. With a high number of workers and large turnover of staff they find making regular small changes to the profile difficult to take onboard.

At The Office Genie we are extremely lucky to have a small close knit team. The newest of our Genies has worked with us before and has a cumulative service of at least 3 years; the next newest has been with us 2 years in September. Because of the intimate relationships we like to have with our clients we feel very much like part of their team and that impression comes over in the calls themselves. Because of this, when a business owner has experienced a really bad service from a competitor I find I have very little selling to do when someone experiences our service like Simon did.

So if you want a call handling service that is more than just a message taking service and becomes an integral and crucial part of your customer experience, then call us on +44 (0) 845 901 1803 or click here to ping over an email and we'll get right back to you.

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