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Judith Morris

Organise Your Home-based Office!

It's a great New Years resolution ...

Posted on: 09/01/2012   By: Judith Morris

Business people often like to use the New Year as an impetus to be more disciplined and efficient. The arrival of January 1st 2012 gives us the perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean in many ways and start completely afresh ...

working from home has advantages, but you do need to keep it tidy

working from home has advantages, but you do need to keep it tidy

Potentially, 2012 could be the year you convert your home-based office into the organised, tidy workspace you deserve! We all know the benefits of a home-based office, but it's important to be aware of the pitfalls too:

  • Family members may not respect your home-office space as being out of bounds for other activities,

  • This may lead to dumping of non-work related items or even removing things for their own use which they subsequently fail to return,

  • Your home-office may not be a dedicated work zone and may have to double up with another equally important function, if space is at a premium,

  • You may find it hard to be disciplined regarding organisation of your home-office - purely because it's at home!

So, how to tackle these issues?

Family members are unlikely to be respectful of your office space if you struggle to be organised and tidy there yourself. First rule then, is to be business-like. This includes keeping up to date with filing, having an effective paper management system and shredding unwanted documents. Anything to keep those piles of paper to a minimum. Your system doesn't have to be high tech - as long as it works for you.

When your home-office has a more professional appearance it will be less appealing as a playroom or dumping ground. Stick to your guns and tell everyone there is zero tolerance regarding personal stuff that invades your workspace. Make sure you stick to your own rule! When you finish work for the day, make a point of tidying your desk and closing the door behind you. This may seem trivial, but will define the boundary between home and work.

If you work in a room that is dual use, then the need to be organised and tidily contained is absolutely crucial. Think very carefully about how your paperwork can be stored in a neat but attractive way. There are lots of options available these days - you don't have to stick to dreary colours for files and folders.

I'm a great fan of IKEA's clever space-saving storage solutions. Many are ideal for home-office rooms. Most importantly, don't spend vast amounts of money until you're confident that the items will work for you as well as make the most of limited space.

For more help with getting the most from your home-office, contact me, Judith Morris of Organised Chaos on +44 (0) 1327 705294 or visit my website to find out more.

I'm happy to help!

Stay clutter free ...


More about Judith Morris ...


I am by nature a tidy and well ordered person. Even as a child I can remember sorting my book collection into order and helping my father label his photographic slides! I am fortunate that my husband shares my enthusiasm for a well ordered home. We're not perfect by any means but we make sure that we de-clutter on a regular basis.

My employment background is in administration. I became self-employed in 2002 providing flexible admin support for small businesses in Northamptonshire. Since then I have enjoyed helping clients to become more organised and gain control of their paperwork. Organised Chaos came into being when I realised I could use my organisational skills to help people de-clutter at home.

My approach to clearing out junk is methodical and positive. I offer lots of support and encouragement throughout the whole process. Some clients become enthusiastic de-clutterers themselves and continue the process on their own. I think this is a wonderful achievement for them personally and it gives me a great sense of job satisfaction.


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