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Cathy Dunbabin

Setting Goals Is A Waste Of Time

If you do nothing to achieve them ...

Posted on: 03/01/2012   By: Cathy Dunbabin

Saying goodbye to 2011 is the perfect time to reflect on the results you achieved from your networking endeavours last year. In my experience most of you reading this won't do this exercise because you don't have tangible statistics to look at or you intend to, but never get round to it ...

remember to set your goals for business networking in 2012

remember to set your goals for business networking in 2012

Networking requires a big investment of both money and more importantly time (which as people rightly say, is also money). So whether you're a networking butterfly floating between many events or a networking bulldog sticking to just one group, knowing the return on your investment is vital.

If you did review your networking achievements for 2011 I hope you were delighted with the outcome and even if you didn't that you will set some goals for 2012 now. Doing this will encourage you to plan, focus and measure the results. This time next year you will be in no doubt what additional business and other benefits you enjoyed from your efforts. Take some time to think about your networking and write your own plan. Below is an example of how I do mine:


Current level
(out of 10)

Desired level
(out of 10)


Plan networking goals



Diarise slot this week

Here are a few suggested goals. Some of them are about pure results but many more about the way you approach your networking (think of the traits of successful business networkers). There will be others of your own too:

  • Find the right networking groups/events,

  • Gain more confidence at walking into a room,

  • Listen more and be interested in others,

  • Make more connections for others,

  • Follow up more efficiently,

  • Be punctual,

  • Improve first impression,

  • Plan and prepare for events,

  • Deliver clearer, stronger presentations whether 1, 5 or 10 minutes,

  • Arrange more 1-2-1's,

  • Get more involved in hosting events,

  • Bring on board X new clients,

  • Invoice X of new business,

  • Measure my results.

The key to success is always taking action. Once you've listed your business networking goals for 2012 make sure you start to implement them immediately.

Wishing you a fantastic New Year full of new networking opportunities!

Until next time ...


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Cathy has no doubt about the benefits of networking and is delighted there is now so much more choice when it comes to finding the right group. She knows that to be successful there are key skills to learn and traits to encourage.

In January 2011 she launched her own networking company Opendoorz and regularly shares tips and knowhow through her blog and other social media streams.


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