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The Two Towers

A good one to one is not a battle!

Posted by Jacqui Frost on 08/03/2012

A one to one is a great place to showcase your passion for your product, your service, your colleagues and your business. Passion you can struggle to get across in your 30 or 60 secs! But that passion needs to be controlled ...

no business can stand alone. ensure you make the right connections

no business can stand alone. ensure you make the right connections

With two business owners passionate and ready to blow their own trumpet, it's very easy to get off track. So agreeing who is going first and preparing properly is crucial to make the meeting effective. Splitting your one to one across two meetings makes it much easier to ensure equal time is devoted to each business but you must be sure to complete both parts.

My top two tips for making your one to one's enjoyable are:

  • Be Interested

    • ask intelligent questions
    • show that you've done your research
    • encourage them to give you more and not to hold back
    • confirm with examples showing that you understand
  • Be Interesting

    • move onto other topics as they glaze over
    • let their questions guide your conversation
    • tell new stories and pass on new information
    • make it conversational not a lecture

Remember that it is not just about sharing the same things over again. It is an ideal time to share any special offers, new products or developments in your business. It is also the perfect opportunity to check how effective your "pitch" presentations are.

So ask "what do you think I do?" You can then correct any inaccuracies and find out why they think you do something you don't! If your pitches are not as effective as you'd like, then you can ask for some help. Having explained what you actually do, ask them to help you with your 60 secs and to feedback on your future pitches so you can improve.

A couple of housekeeping points:-

  • If you are meeting in your office then it is your responsibility to make sure that you are not disturbed. Make sure the people you share your office with know you are not available and transfer your phone to your answering service (if you don't have one, why not try The Office Genie!).

  • Make sure that if you are not at your desk that you have a notepad and pen. It's important to make a note of anything you are committing to do and anyone you are promising to warm up as a referral. You should also recap these at the end of the meeting and set a date for feeding back the results of your labours!!

  • If one of you is going to give free access to their database then it must be reciprocated, so make sure you have it on hand.

If you have decided to meet somewhere neutral and are doing both businesses in one session then you must make sure you have enough time to cover both businesses. This is also the type of meeting which can involve posturing and battling for time on your business. So it is best to set a time limit and to decide beforehand how you will split the time. Equal amounts of time should be devoted to both businesses, so if you run out of time then make sure you book to meet again to finish off.

The most effective one to one's are those where an understanding of both businesses is achieved. Where both business owners go away with action points for the other business, certain in the knowledge that their partner will also be working on finding them more business. So all your discussions, particularly those surrounding your databases should be leading to that end. If you are not working towards finding ways to get each other more business then the one to one will not feel fruitful.

A one to one cannot be assessed based on the meeting alone. As we'll find out next time, you can't claim "The Return of the King" unless you bring back appointments and referrals to the next meeting.

For more information about the networking events we run in Milton Keynes, Northampton and Bedford please call Oaktree Networking on +44 (0) 845 618 2902 or check us out on Facebook. Our format includes 3 mini one to one's so you can identify those people it would be good to have an in depth one to one with.

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