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To Blog Or Not To Blog?

That was the question ...

Posted by Jacqui Frost on 20/06/2013

Why blog? For some people they blog as a way to build their brand or to add regular changing content to their website for SEO purposes. Others use it as a way to build themselves up as the expert in their field by growing trust and authority ...

to blog or not to blog? that was the question ... not any more!

to blog or not to blog? that was the question ... not any more!

Technically, our second blogging anniversary was last week and I cannot believe that we missed the opportunity to publish a second anniversary blog post on the actual anniversary! Our first blog post was published on the 13th June 2011! But as we pass this milestone I thought I would reflect on our blogging journey so far.

As with a lot of things I joined the blogging brigade on the advice of my then Business Development Manager. She started a little free Wordpress site which did little to build up our expertise and, in my opinion, did not look very professional and certainly wasn't representing us well. What I really wanted to do was to blog via our website, as everyone was saying that Google needed fresh content to provide you with rankings.

Unfortunately, we were limited by our website and when we uploaded the blogs into the NEWS section it seemed to take forever and just didn't sit right. So for a while, I was really struggling to see the benefit but did as I was told and let it run for a bit. In the meantime I met up with Steffi Lewis the CEO of and saw a chance to resolve some of these issues.

I was fortunate that Jenny was in the process of leaving Apollo Blinds to work on her own writing and I saw an opportunity to use her skills. So in June 2011 the new blogging team was born, with Jenny writing the blogs in my name and Steffi's Editorial Team editing and publishing for us. Since then we have grown from strength to strength.

Blogging twice a week is sometimes an effort, so to ease the burden we have recruited regular guest bloggers on topics that we know are important to our clients and that we know other VAs offer to their clients. Even halving the number of blogs each month doesn't change the fact that we have a limited number of services to write about. The challenge - which Jenny loves - is finding a new way of sharing the same information and providing a new insight into how we can help businesses.

The biggest solution to writing about the same things in a new way was to theme our blogs. I can't remember which theme was our first, but in the early days I would make recommendations of topics to Jenny. Blogging has always been promoted to me as a way to bring in some personality to the business and so using themes allowed us to look at things in different ways. Life is like a box of chocolates is just one example! This month the theme is Cereals, with a slight overlap from James Bond last month!

In over two years it has been very rare for us to republish an old blog or to miss a week! The main reasons have been down to illness. In the last 12 months both Steffi and Jenny have had to take a month off due to serious illness and in order to keep the blog ticking over we decided to reissue some of our old blog posts. In the main though, thanks to our thematic approach, we have written new blogs each time. Jenny says it is so much easier to put a different spin on telephone call answering when she is writing to a new theme. We have done; holidays, Charles Dickens, Films, Christmas Songs, Christmas Films, Beatrix Potter, Hans Christian Anderson, Aesop's Fables and many more. If you want to check out any of these just scroll down the list.

Whilst on the subject of blogging for your business, I'd like to take the opportunity to include a video for Steffi's new product. This is a monthly business blogging platform which is a great introduction to blogging for any business who is new to it. You get the same level of service as we do except you blog once every 20 working days instead of twice a week like us.

Steffi calls it her "gateway product" because when you're comfortable with monthly blogging you can move to fortnightly, weekly or even twice weekly like us! Watch the video then go take a look at It's a great way to start your business blogging journey!

If you have any suggestions for a theme, or have a question about call answering or virtual assistant services that you don't feel we have covered in the last two years then please email me your suggestions or call them through on +44 (0) 845 901 1803.

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