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Judith Morris

To declutter or not to declutter

It takes a little inspiration ...

Posted on: 29/08/2011   By: Judith Morris

I'm sure we can all think of people who have inspired us over the years; friends, family, or even people in the public eye? Whether it's your Auntie Sue or Nelson Mandela, it doesn't really matter. What is important, is that they've had a positive effect on how you live your life. Sometimes the inspiration is in great courageous deeds, sometimes it's the little things that matter ...

are you waiting for inspiration to declutter your home or office?

are you waiting for inspiration to declutter your home or office?

As far as personal development is concerned, it is always helpful to have someone to inspire us to greater things. I'm very fortunate to have a network of friends who are always positive about my business and inspire me by their own example of hard work, enthusiasm and creativity.

The same goes for my writing, I belong to a writers' group and benefit greatly from feedback and support from other members of the group. Such support and encouragement inspires me to continue to aim higher. Thank you, all of you - you know who you are!

When it comes to working with my clients, I aim to inspire them to achieve the results they want. Sometimes the perception can be that I use the 'big stick' approach, brow beating people into parting with their clutter, even against their will. Of course, if I did work like this, I could no doubt achieve some impressively tidy homes and orderly offices! On the other hand, I doubt those places would stay tidy for very long because the occupants would not have been inspired and enthused to change old habits.

The major benefits of surrounding yourself with inspirational people are three-fold:

  • You become inspired

  • As a result, you are motivated to make changes in your life

  • You go on to inspire others, without thinking about it

The point is that inspiration rubs off, it's contagious and thankfully, there is no cure!

So often people say they don't de-clutter because they haven't got the time. Maybe what they really mean is they don't have any inspiration. If you're not sure where to start, my suggestion would be to surround yourself with inspirational people.

Read how others have been inspired on the testimonial page of my website,

Stay clutter free ...


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I am by nature a tidy and well ordered person. Even as a child I can remember sorting my book collection into order and helping my father label his photographic slides! I am fortunate that my husband shares my enthusiasm for a well ordered home. We're not perfect by any means but we make sure that we de-clutter on a regular basis.

My employment background is in administration. I became self-employed in 2002 providing flexible admin support for small businesses in Northamptonshire. Since then I have enjoyed helping clients to become more organised and gain control of their paperwork. Organised Chaos came into being when I realised I could use my organisational skills to help people de-clutter at home.

My approach to clearing out junk is methodical and positive. I offer lots of support and encouragement throughout the whole process. Some clients become enthusiastic de-clutterers themselves and continue the process on their own. I think this is a wonderful achievement for them personally and it gives me a great sense of job satisfaction.


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