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Six months of learning and fun ...

Posted on: 29/03/2012   By: Jenny Eaton

Wow, has 6 months really passed? You have to be kidding me! Though I guess it must have done; we seem to have been through the days of leaving for work in the dark and arriving home in the dark and are back to the clocks changing again ...

our swimming pool may not be as glamorous but we still have a lot of fun

our swimming pool may not be as glamorous but we still have a lot of fun

Each day seems to run into the next at the moment. But as I look back over the last 6 months, it's all passed by in a bit of a blur. I'm pleased to say that my home life seems to have settled down a bit, thank goodness. Dad is doing ok. My three year old has become a four year old and I have thrown my first - and probably my last - official birthday party! I think we might keep it all a bit low key next year!

But at work things have been moving on at quite a pace. The beginning of the year saw us switch to a new piece of software to help us with the call handling. Well, it took some getting used to but now I can't imagine being without it. As we have taken on several new clients this year, we have learnt more and more about what the system can do - and it's been great - particularly as some of them have quite complicated businesses with different information needed for different messages needing to go to different people. We now have greater scope to help our clients with so much more than we used to!

Jacqui must have a long term plan for me as she has signed me up to attend the Referral Institute 12 week Certified Networker course. This week will see the half way point (note to self, really must make sure I've done my homework!) The course has been a great opportunity to not only consider ways in which I can put it all into action for The Office Genie, but also for me to get a better understanding of the business and where it is going. I'm enjoying our weekly chats about the course and I am really looking forward to sitting down with Jacqui at the end of the course and talking about all I have learnt and how we can put it into practice as we move forward.

I think that for me, what stands out the most in the last 6 months is that I have made new friends. The joy of working with a small team is that as you sit side by side, you get to know each other really well. I think that the team of Genies are just great; we all have our own personalities and we all have our roles within the business however we are a team that cares about one another. Having worked in a job that meant I spent a lot of time on my own, it is nice to have some company around me. And as a single mum who finds getting out and spending time with friends difficult, it's nice to know I have them at work. I hope to know them all for a long time to come.

And then there is the exercise - I know you are all thinking "she works in the office, what is she talking about?" Jacqui decided she wanted to start swimming and then she dragged me along (truthfully she asked for volunteers, but that makes me sound really, really keen!) You'll have tracked our progress on Facebook no doubt. Well, I can say that I do enjoy it; we have a bit of a chat, occasionally a giggle (though we tend to drown ourselves when that happens, so we try to keep it a minimum) but most of all I can confirm that I am back into a pair of trousers I couldn't get into at Christmas!

Anyway I guess I'd better get on and do that homework, catch up with you again soon!

Until next time ...


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I love playing with words and I have dreamed of being a writer since I was a child. With a romantic idea of scribbling away in a cold attic room with my trusty fountain pen. I have always dabbled, but until now it’s not come to much.

When I started with The Office Genie it was to provide me with a part time income to support my writing. Over time though I have developed into the Marketing Genie on a full time basis. I love it, I get to play with words all day as I try to share the dream and the passion that Jacqui has turned into The Office Genie. My work involves blogging, letter writing, email writing, web copy writing, e-book writing, campaign planning, strategy planning, social media interactions – it’s like I write and talk all day every day, my parent would say it’s the ideal job for me!

My first blog posts were about my day to day life as a Genie but they are growing into sharing my view of the business world. I am passionate about helping small businesses be the best that they can be, standing out from their competition in the small things that come together to give an impression of great service – to find out how we can help you should call me on the number below.


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