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Judith Halliday

What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

The Red Shoes ...

Posted on: 17/01/2013   By: Judith Halliday

It's rather ironic that my brief for this blog post was to theme it around the fairy tale of The Red Shoes. Because shoes, which seem to hold a fascinating allure for so many women, really don't do it for me. It's fair to say that you could, should the need arise, flee an attacking tiger in virtually every pair of shoes I own and, well, I've always thought you can't be too careful ...

wear the right shoes for the right occasion and you'll have the right attitude

wear the right shoes for the right occasion and you'll have the right attitude

Sometimes, I feel like I'm very much in a minority. In the course of my work I visit many offices and businesses and find myself marvelling at some of the female footwear. Not a drooling, envious, aspirational marvelling, you understand, but more of a "How on earth does she walk round all day in those?" kind of marvelling.

And, having refreshed my knowledge of the fairy tale, it turns out I may be wise.

The little girl's pride and love for her very pretty yet impractical and ostentatious pair of shoes led to her being forced to dance continuously in payment for her vanity. But maybe she needed those pretty shoes. Maybe we all need shoes like that sometimes. Maybe every day of our lives can be summed up in a pair of shoes - figuratively speaking of course, so do feel free to join in, gents.

"Even in business, there are days when we need killer stilettos and days when we need to pull on a pair of wellies"

The heels would be for the days when we really feel we can go out there and knock them dead. When our confidence is soaring and we know that something good's going to come of this. Nothing can make us wobble today!

Some days, however, you need to go for something a little more practical. Business like and sensible, a neat court shoe tells people you know what you want, you're going to work hard for it and you're in for the long haul.

When you need to, you can always pull your trainers on and get a bit of momentum going. If there's a long road ahead but you know you're up to it, you'll need a pair of walking boots. And when you're ploughing through the thick mud that often stands between a business and success, you'll need your welly boots.

Choose your footwear and your attitude wisely and you'll come out the other end - a good job well done, and with your pride and your toenails intact.

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More about Judith Halliday ...

My writing career began under the bright lights of Gateshead in 1986 - who wouldn't love a job that offered the chance to listen to Gateshead Borough Council's Public Waste Committee debate the introduction of wheelie bins for three hours? It was the start of a working life that taught me what makes a good story and how to tell it and, although I don't have a news editor lurking ready to throw things at me any more, or so much of an interest in wheelie bins, my love of writing and a fascination with talking to people and telling their stories is as strong as ever.

Today I work for Business Times in Northampton and the Northants Evening Telegraph as well as providing copywriting services and press releases for a number of local companies.

When I'm not doing that, I indulge in the things I love most, which include, in no particular order: my teenage children, Sunderland football club, my husband, chocolate, QI, Chinese noodles, my closest friends, Test Match Special, red wine, reading in bed, The Sound of Music and growing vegetables.


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