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What Does Charlie Look Like?

We've no idea either ...

Posted by Jacqui Frost on 29/07/2013

This is probably the most tenuous of links to our theme. Charlie's Angels was probably more of a crime drama in its heyday than a Superhero story. However I believe that our Genies are business superheroes and in some ways the Genies are just like Charlie's Angels ...

Just like the Angels we spend our time solving problems and mysteries.

Just like the Angels we spend our time solving problems and mysteries.

As a virtual service we often don't meet our clients, just like the Angels never meet Charlie. We deal with most of our clients by phone, Skype and email. We could walk past some of them in the street and have no idea that we talk to them by email and phone every day! They also would have no idea that we are a crucial part of their business. For us, it's very like meeting a celebrity when we get chance to meet a client face to face.

Just like the Angels we spend our time solving problems and mysteries. Not only do we provide facilities for our clients to be 'magically' in two places at once. But we have to find the right way to help their callers.

From dealing with missing paperwork required by customers in order to complete a delivery, to missing/broken items following a visit by the team, to requests for solutions to brand new situations we have never come across before!

Just like Charlie's Angels, we are on hand for our customers day and night. We were busy last weekend helping a client sort out an issue with their phone system. By stepping in and doing some tweaks on our own phone system, we were able to route their callers to the showroom for Saturday morning!

We have been working hard this week with one of our clients, an IT support firm, helping them to fulfil a 24 hour support line clause in a large contract they have taken on.

Like the Angels, our work is wide and varied. The range of situations we have dealt with this month includes:

  • A client on their hen do - out of action for 4 days,

  • A customer working on how to keep his business running whilst he is in hospital - with a complicated procedure like his we have no idea of the length of his hospital stay or how long he will need to recover,

  • There have been numerous holidays,

  • A summer factory shutdown,

  • A recall of a product due to issues in the manufacturing process.

... all of which are just part of our service.

At present, we are an all-female team without a Bosley to help interpret and implement the brief from Charlie. This hasn't always been the case; over the years we have had a couple of male genies.

These days Jenny is bit like Bosley - having worked for one of our clients and experienced our service from the other side, she is uniquely positioned to understand where our clients are coming from and what they are looking for.

So why not call us on +44 (0) 1604 529170 or click here to ping over an email and speak to Jenny to find out how we can help you whatever situation you find yourself in. We'd love you to be our newest Charlie!

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