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Jenny Eaton

What Is Holding You Back?

For me it was the fear ...

Posted on: 03/06/2013   By: Jenny Eaton

If you have been reading my blogs then you will know that I had a very big scare at the beginning of the year. Falling so desperately ill, and realising how close I came to death scared the living daylights out of me, my family and friends ...

my near death experience has given me is a drive to experience every moment to its fullest

my near death experience has given me is a drive to experience every moment to its fullest

For a while, I was forced to take it easy, which gave me too much time to sit and think about how close I had come. I had real problems functioning; I couldn't get past my own mortality. I knew that I couldn't live the rest of my life frozen in place. After a particular conversation with Marie Cross who is providing coaching and training for all Genies, we decided I needed to get out of my own way. I have a long history of putting up my own stumbling blocks with limiting self-beliefs.

So I went home and thought about this some more. I returned to a board I have at home with little pictures and quotes that have resonated over the years. I found one clipping that has been up there since I read the book back in the early 90s. When I read it this time though it was like being blinded in the light.

"To almost die is to know that one day you will, and for life never to be the same again."

Patricia Cornwell - Cruel and Unusual

Now I had always thought that is meant that you suddenly realised how precious life is and would be particularly careful about how you spent it. That the world after a close shave would be a scary place, that you would see the risks everywhere and devote your time to your family. For me the world after my near death is a completely different place to the one it was before and possibly now one filled with more risks than ever.

Yes I want to spend as much time with my son as I can - but it needs to be quality time, we need to do things together and make the most of our time. I may only spend half an hour with him at either end of the day - but we now spend those 30 minutes giggling, cuddling and sharing life. Don't get me wrong, there are still lunches to make, bags to pack, breakfast or supper to be had and bedtimes and leaving times are not movable, however we have learnt to enjoy those times together instead of battling through them.

When it comes to work, I do want to make every day count. I want every day to be special; I want to achieve something every day. So in some ways it's harder for me to leave work early than it was before and my to do list is now packed with even more things to achieve each day than it ever was before. I am more fired up about my job than ever. I love what I do and I am dedicated to it. I am now more prepared to step out of my comfort zone.

You see, what my near death experience has given me is a drive to experience every moment to its fullest. You see if my life can end at any point - and I have had that rammed home to me the hard way this year - then I want to have made the most of it. I want to have enjoyed it, lived it, experienced it, shared it and achieved it - and you can't do that without hitting it full pelt.

My mum reckons I need to slow down a bit - and I know she's I right. I have 3-6 months of my 6-9 month recovery to go yet, but I just don't want to miss anything. I think my passion for the things that I love has just increased and I am now more able to throw myself into what I am doing than I ever was before.

I want my experience of life to be full of enjoyment and satisfaction so each and every day, that is where my focus is. I work hard because I enjoy it and because I know the difficult stuff will feel fantastic when I reach the end result!

Until next time ...


More about Jenny Eaton ...

I love playing with words and I have dreamed of being a writer since I was a child. With a romantic idea of scribbling away in a cold attic room with my trusty fountain pen. I have always dabbled, but until now it’s not come to much.

When I started with The Office Genie it was to provide me with a part time income to support my writing. Over time though I have developed into the Marketing Genie on a full time basis. I love it, I get to play with words all day as I try to share the dream and the passion that Jacqui has turned into The Office Genie. My work involves blogging, letter writing, email writing, web copy writing, e-book writing, campaign planning, strategy planning, social media interactions – it’s like I write and talk all day every day, my parent would say it’s the ideal job for me!

My first blog posts were about my day to day life as a Genie but they are growing into sharing my view of the business world. I am passionate about helping small businesses be the best that they can be, standing out from their competition in the small things that come together to give an impression of great service – to find out how we can help you should call me on the number below.


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