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Julia Doherty

Where To Start With Social Media

Not To Be Confused With Social Networking!

Posted on: 22/03/2012   By: Julia Doherty

The first question that I need to put on the table is ''What is social media?'' Yep, it's a new buzz term and if you ask most business owners they will say it's ''Doing Facebook, Twitter and that sort of thing'' - but actually that is ''social networking'', not ''social media''...

remember, content is king and conversation is the queen

remember, content is king and conversation is the queen

We often visit clients who have absolutely no idea where to start, so Green Umbrella Social Mediators first conduct a "social benchmarking activity" and this starts with a checklist of the client's website; a copy of our checklist is available upon request and you can contact us via our website.

So here are a few tips to bear in mind when thinking about your social media activities:

  1. Tick all 10 boxes in the Green Umbrella website checklist; if you have done so, we firmly believe that you are already on the road to success and your social media activities can commence.
  2. "If you build it, they will come!" Anyone who is a Kevin Costner fan will know this famous quote (yes, from Field of Dreams). This quote is so true when it comes to social media; building your platforms properly before you start engaging with people is essential. Any good marketeer will tell you how important it is to have consistency in your brand - and social media is no exception. I ask you these questions:
    • Do you have a branded Twitter background? And I don't mean a tiled logo or a freebie twitter skin in company colours.

    • Is your Facebook Business Page branded? Have you added any applications to make your page stand out from the crowd? Have you added photos?

    • Have a look at your avatars (profile pictures) on all of your online platforms. Is it the same picture? Is it a professional picture? Don't just think about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; also think about business forums, Skype, MSN, YouTube etc. Is your brand consistent across all platforms?

  3. Grow your network; if you do not grow your network then you are simply talking to yourself and that's the first sign of madness! Have you got a strategy to grow your network, or do you have the attitude that you will do Facebook & Twitter when you get five minutes in the evening? Remember these golden rules - Content is King and Conversation is Queen.
  4. Measure your results; if you do not measure your activity, then how do you know if it is successful? There are lots of tools out there that will do all the hard work for you. If something is not working then you need to change your tactics. If something that you did worked really well, then you need to do it more often. Find out what is working for you by measuring your success.

If you would like to get a great feel for what NOT to do on social media, then download a FREE eBook called "The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media" here.

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Julia Doherty ran a successful recruitment agency for many years. Business was good but it was when she started to use social media that the business took off to the extent that she was able to sell her agency to a major national chain.

Julia now runs Green Umbrella, using her experience to teach others how to maximise social media to enhance their business.


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