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Who Are Your Business Super Heroes

Have you considered creating new ones?

Posted by Jacqui Frost on 22/07/2013

As you may know, we theme our blogs in order to show you a new angle on our business and its services. This month, in case you haven't spotted it, we have been looking at Superheroes. It seems we aren't the only ones to think this is a good theme ...

Some really useful points were made by the Entrepreneur's Circle at the national event and they even produced cards to back them up.

Some really useful points were made by the Entrepreneur's Circle at the national event and they even produced cards to back them up.

Jenny and I attended a national event as members of the Entrepreneur's Circle earlier in the month, where the theme of the day was Superheroes. There was the opportunity to have your photograph taken with Donald Standen who was Superman's body double in the Superman movies. We were encouraged to come in costume and certainly the team running the event were dressed in Superhero themed outfits (we'll make no further mention of the superman onesies!)

But rather than just try to relate the information they wished to share back to the comic book superheroes, Nigel and his team went one step further. They looked at 9 crucial elements within your business that, if you can get right, will propel you to super success and they created a superhero for each element. For each topic we covered there was a superhero card to collect, giving you insights into their key "powers" and the motto's that drive them forward.

It was a great reminder of how you need to work to find success in all areas in order for your business to be super successful. The 9 key elements are:

  1. Enthusiasm - making your passion for your business infectious

  2. Customer Relationship Management - keeping track of your interactions with customers and prospects alike

  3. Copywriting - making the most of your written opportunities

  4. Following Up - keeping in touch until they drop off your list or buy from you

  5. Time Management - making every second count and NOT procrastinating

  6. Discernment - seeing things objectively and know who to listen to

  7. Online marketing - making your website, lead bait and ppc work for you

  8. Your Staff - the sidekicks who help you get stuff done

  9. Customer Service - going that extra mile to make your customers happy

If you want to know more about these areas then have a look at the Entrepreneur's Circle. They have monthly local meetings, quarterly national meetings and a whole raft of resources to help you be more successful at what you do. We have learnt so much during our time in the EC and have met some truly inspirational people.

One of the biggest changes we have made following our training has been the work on our website. We have changed layout and functionality to allow us to have control which will make changing things much easier. Please check out our new website to find out more about what we do, and to see the changes as we implement what we have learnt from the EC!

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