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Jacky Sherman

Who Do You Know?

Selling Through Referrals ...

Posted on: 19/07/2012   By: Jacky Sherman

Imagine having a team of sales people who consistently and predictably refer you new clients. And they do this whilst you're busy with all those other things you need to do in your business. Well you already have that team, they're called your network ...

networking events are great places to give and get referrals

networking events are great places to give and get referrals

If they're well briefed and motivated they are able to promote your services - and connect you to the people who want to buy your services. They can do this when you're not with them. Every time the opportunity arises to promote you they will take it.

Sure it takes time to brief them. How would you rather spend your time - briefing one person who can then refer you 10 clients - or go out trying to find and brief 10 people to buy from you. It will also save you time if you do this well. Imagine they were employed by you as a sales person. What information would you supply them with?

Once they've referred you, you are 3-4 times more likely to close the sales than business prospects you get in other ways. Why? Because this person really wants to buy your type of service and you have been endorsed by someone they trust.

Sure it takes time to motivate your network. You need to do something in return. What? Well we teach 18 different ways you can motivate others to refer to you - and referring them to their target market is only one. For instance Jacqui invited me to guest blog here to reach you. She's motivating me and maybe you too!

However getting a referral back is a great motivator and really doesn't take that much time for you. Make sure you're properly briefed too then all it takes you is a phone call or even just an additional sentence or two in a call or meeting that you were going to have any way. This is to someone you already know who will take your call and trust your judgment. Compare that with making a cold call?

If you have a large network - and most of us do - then don't try and do this for all of them as that really wouldn't save you time! In reality you only need 6-8 close business relationships with people who have agreed to refer to you and this should generate enough additional business for you. Imagine having 6-8 people who constantly and predictably refer you your ideal clients? What would that do to your business? Would that be the best use of your marketing time? So re-look at your network of contacts. Who refers to you now? Who knows lots of the people you want to meet but isn't referring them to you? Is it time to give them a call?

Want to learn more about how to motivate your network? Follow me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn or meet me in Northampton at Oaktree Networking, PapaCinos or FSB breakfasts.

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I enable people to build productive relationships at work. Through my consultation and training with the Referral Institute I give them their personal aha moments that mean they build relationships that result in more consistent and predictable referrals for their business. I get a real buzz from knowing I have made that sort of difference to peoples lives.

I'm a natural giver in my relationships and have had over the years a great deal of hurt and disappointment when relationships broke down both personally and at work after I had invested so much in them. One of my own aha moment from this was that in my enthusiasm to give I often made two mistakes. I would give what I thought the person wanted rather than listening to what they really wanted. Secondly I didnt give people a clear message on how they could give back.

The RI taught me how to build more equal relationships based on clarity in understanding what both of us needed and it worked, doubling my income from my business contacts. So I'm a real evangelist for the methods and now train others to get their own personal aha moments so that they get a lot more business from their contacts and I get the buzz from knowing I made a real difference. A real Win Win.


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