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Julia Bramble

Why LinkedIn Is Like Weetabix ...

And why you should eat more of it!

Posted on: 24/06/2013   By: Julia Bramble

Weetabix is a staple part of many thousands of people's daily diets because of the sustained energy it gives you for hours after you've eaten it. Unlike many other foods, it's not a 'crash and burn' instant fix choice ...

you can never get enough weetabix - or LinkedIn

you can never get enough weetabix - or LinkedIn

Now you're wondering whether you have, in fact, clicked on entirely the wrong blog site and have managed to land on a nutritionist's offerings, rather than those of The Office Genie. Well, I'll reassure you that you are in the right place, but I've drawn your attention to cereals like Weetabix as a way to describe the part that social media - and LinkedIn in particular - could and should play in your business toolkit.

Marketing campaigns and PR moments of brilliance may come and go, but consistent, focused activity on LinkedIn will yield you results over time. This network should be on the agenda of every business owner both in B2B and B2C as it fosters the cultivation of relationships on both an extended reach and 1:1 basis. And we all know that business relies on relationship building!

How can you get the best results from LinkedIn? In the first instance, you need to work out what you want to achieve from using it and then who you need to interact with, in order to achieve that goal.

Now you can turn your attention to your appearance - and by that I mean your profile. Does it really describe what you do in a way that is different from others in your sector? Does it describe your own particular expertise and experience? Does it speak to the people you need to be attracting here? Remember that people are on LinkedIn to find suppliers and JV partners, so your profile should explain the benefits you offer and also contain keywords they would use to find you.

Ensure your skills and experience sections form part of your unique but homogeneous story and that you use language that will appeal to the people you want to connect with.

It's no good, however, putting up a profile on LinkedIn and hoping that it alone will attract people - it's unlikely. You need to get active! Think of it like this - every time you get active on LinkedIn, you are creating the opportunity to start a conversation. This includes updating your profile, connecting with people, asking for and giving recommendations, sharing a status update, liking, commenting, or sharing others' updates and taking part in group discussions.

It makes sense, then, to be getting active regularly, in a systemised way and always being mindful of the types of people you need to interact with. Your status updates and contributions to discussions give you a chance to demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and USP, along with your understanding of what your audience is interested in and needs to know.

You've got access, via this amazing network, to a virtual room full of thousands of like-minded people - people who love what they do, and love to talk about it. Use that to your advantage, get those conversations started and the magic will start to happen.

Are you using LinkedIn as a staple part of your marketing and communication diet? For more hints and tips of getting the most from it, check out my blogs on Enjoy!

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Julia at BrambleBuzz is passionate about helping you get the results you need from social media with training, consultancy, strategy and complete management solutions. She has helped over 100 business owners get social media working for them and is the social media expert to Nigel Botterill and The Entrepreneur's Circle

So, are you missing out on communicating with past, present and future customers because you're not using social media, or not using it effectively? We get you talking in the right way to the right people to get the right results. Simples!


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